5 March 2012

Independents Rule!

Interesting article from one of our favorite sites Lingerie Insight  has reported that there has been a significant increase of independent shops opening their doors in 2011 while major retail multiples continue to close- could this be the changing face of our high streets?

The desire to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon is a social experience as well as a fashion fix that all women of all ages have enjoyed. From being a young teenager with a modest amount of money in my pocket shopping was about exploring my local city (Manchester) and finding a unique purchase.  For me this largely involved seeking out the independents, thrift stores or my very favorite Afflecks Palace!

Even though the money in my pocket may have increased the desire to pick up a special something has never changed. However shopping today on the major high streets amongst windows displaying homogenized versions of their competition does not make for a desirable shopping experience. Perhaps I am getting old but to be offered skinny peach jeans at £120 or £20 does not fulfill my variety criteria. I had considered that there is far more choice nowadays and that I maybe just being picky but I don't believe stores stocking upwards of 200 lines as offering variety at all if I have to purchase them from under one brand name.

Shopping on any level is about satisfying the desire to find something that we feel is unique or new to us.  Obviously in a day and age of mass production this is a harder scratch to itch. The desire for Vintage and retro clothing is a prime example of large numbers of people accepting and understanding that they will never find a gem in a mass market environment and this satisfaction will only be attained by leisurely riffling the racks of independent boutiques.  
If independents are on the rise it can only present healthy competition spurned on by business owners who are passionate about what they are offering from a basic t- shirt to good old fashion customer service. Their desire to succeed on every level creates a positive shopping experience that as a customer one can't help be impressed by and want to experience again and again.

1 March 2012

Looking after our Assets

Lingerie is everything to us here at Source and how your skimpies make you look and feel is at the top of the list.  However without a little TLC given over to the chattels that we adorn we are only completing half the look.
A report published yesterday stated that the number of people dying from Breast Cancer in the UK is falling due to improved treatment and better awareness.

However many thousands of women still die every year so we must keep up the good work by checking our breasts and being breast aware.

The Breast Cancer Campaign offers great information and as a charity funds research into breast cancer.

Respect our breasts so we can wear our bras with pride. xx

18 August 2011

Lingerie & Children

New brand Jours Apres Lunes has had many people rattled over recent days that I felt compelled to see what the kerfuffle was about. Essentially they are a branded specialist in lounge wear and lingerie for children. Other than the obvious issues which are certainly not new of the sexualization of children through the fashion industry (see Thylane Blondeau shoot for Vogue) I personally have great issue with the word 'lingerie' ever being used in conjunction with children.

It also appears to break the mold in being a specialist. Most brands producing children's clothes in this country don't just stock underwear alone they carry all manner of items and it is here that I fear is the biggest issue.

On visiting the website the mixture of skimpy bra sets adorning young girls with pageantry style make up is difficult to understand or feel comfortable with. Children finding their mothers make up and painting their faces with lipstick is well known and something most of us did. However these images of girls with make up and coiffure locks seems to seek to enhance and allure rather than it being for childlike amusement.

Looking at the product alone it is clear that the garments are pretty enough; with cute frills, stripes and bows that it doesn't require any added adult themes to be smeared over the top. My only frank objection is triangle bras marketed for 4 year olds as simply wrong on every level and in no way can be justified.

Are not all children perfect enough au naturale? Why we see fit to have them carry the connotations of adulthood at such a tender age is shameful. 
Ultimately for the brand I can only see it contradicting the essence of the pretty garments they are trying to sell by besmirching the beauty and innocence of youth.

27 May 2011

Busy, busy bee's

We're rather proud of our lingerie boxes!

Better make some lovely lingerie to fill these babies!

20 January 2011

Bring on the Girls

Lil St.Cyr
There is a sense of unbridled excitement when a lingerie designer can create Burlesque inspired collections adorned with feathers and embellished with Swarovski's finest crystals.  So as Source is preparing for its bi-annual trip to Paris and the trade fair Interfiliere this weekend we have high hopes that drama and glamour will be at the top of this bill. 

Recent reports have shown that Gossard has seen sales increase by 65% which by accounts has been thanks to the enthusiasm of women taking up Burlesque inspired classes.  Gossard managing director Tony Jarvis has also been reported saying "Suspenders have always sold well, but the recent demand from women of all ages has been phenomenal."  This must be music to the ears of the hosiery industry in particular Jonathan Aston who has supplied many of the tights featured in the new Burlesque film.

Gossard Ooh la la Deep Suspender
This aside, the desire for dressing up and feeling glamorous is not a new revelation to a women's wardrobe and although some of us are not brave enough to don Ms. Baker banana inspired skirt there is still a little diva spirit in all of us. 

It feels like the recession and our poor economy has forced a diet on our lingerie passions:  you know you can't have it but the more you can't have it the more you want it!  Such a strong desire to celebrate femininity is possibly the best way to renounce recession and fly the silky flag of all things lacy, corseted and sparkly.  Having spent long enough driving a budget through our knicker draw its time to finally embrace lingerie for its luxury sake once again.

Dita Von Teese wears Velda Lauder
 If we choose to take up classes or make a debut performance in the privacy of our bedroom, lingerie by nature is intimate and adorning our bottoms with delicate Damaris knickers or cinching our waists with vintage inspired corselets allows women to be empowered and importantly feel good.

Maybe this is our 'New Look' moment where women can embrace femininity in all its fabulous and elaborate lingerie guises and designers can submerge themselves in a sea of sequins!